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Brainstorming Techniques

Course Overview

  • Cost: $379.00
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Delivery Options: In-Person & Online

Introducing our Training On Brainstorming

This program will equip participants with skills and techniques necessary for brainstorming.

Generate better ideas for workplace innovation and problem solving.

Participants will receive practical instruction to apply the concepts discussed and develop a brainstorming regime.

This training will cover time efficiency (during brainstorming sessions) and methods for evaluating and selecting the most promising ideas.

By Attending this Training on Brainstorming, Participants Will

  • Receive practical exercises to apply learned concepts and develop brainstorming abilities.
  • Cover time efficiency during brainstorming.
  • Discover methods for evaluating and selecting the most promising ideas.
  • Gain the ability to conduct brainstorming sessions.
  • Foster a more productive and innovative work environment.


Understanding Brainstorming – A conversation to help participants comprehend the concept of brainstorming and its components.

Brainstorming Guidelines – A brief overview of the minimal rules proposed by Alex Osborn, who is widely recognised as the creator of brainstorming.

Preparation – Although numerous brainstorming sessions occur spontaneously, they all necessitate some level of preparation.

Storms and Floods – We revisit this activity multiple times to guide participants through the entire brainstorming process and provide ample practice opportunities.

Concluding the Session – Properly closing a brainstorm may be just as crucial as the session itself.

Clarification and Nurturing – Learners understand the importance of clarifying ambiguous ideas and nurturing them.

Alternative Methods – There are several ways to revitalise a stagnant brainstorming session, introduce new approaches or build upon initial thoughts.

Practising Brainstorming Scenarios – Participants work through up to 6 scenarios to practise implementing alternative techniques covered during the programme.


  • Detailed learner guide
  • Refreshments (in-person event)
  • Certificate of completion

Experiential Learning

More than simple theory, our training programs incorporate practical learning activities, group discussions and trainer led feedback and guidance.

As part of your program

Also included is a digital learner guide, refreshments throughout the training (in-person), and a certificate of attendance emailed upon completion.

Book your spot online, or speak with a Skills Management representative.


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