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Managing Emails

Course Overview

  • Cost: $379.00
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Delivery Options: In-Person & Online

Introducing our Training on Email Management

Learn how to create efficient workflows, utilise keyboard shortcuts, implement filters, and make use of labeling.

This course by Skills Management Australia is designed for individuals who struggle to manage an overwhelming volume of emails and feel like they are constantly behind.

It aims to provide solutions for those who often find themselves frustrated by a sheer volume of electronic correspondence.

Through professional instruction, participants will learn how to effectively manage emails, reduce inbox clutter, and increase productivity.

Craft clear and concise emails.

Our training also covers the significance of creating emails that are easily understood, brief, and have clear instructions for the recipient. Following these guidelines will enhance the likelihood of receiving a timely reply.

By Attending this Training, Participants Will

  • Learn essential skills and strategies to effectively manage emails.
  • Reduce inbox clutter and handle email overload.
  • Prioritise emails and increase productivity.
  • Create efficient workflows, use time-saving keyboard shortcuts, and implement email filters and labeling.
  • Reduce inbox-related stress.


Working with Emails Fundamentals – Understanding the effects that inefficient email management can have on our productivity and its contribution to increased stress levels

Various Email Users – Recognising the distinct approaches people adopt when using emails and determining which type the attendees can relate to

Email Safety – Emphasising email security’s significance in safeguarding both the organisation and the individual

Handy Email Tips & Techniques – Delving into some of the versatile features available in modern email applications, which can assist in enhancing our efficiency when dealing with emails. This encompasses several areas, with examples provided for each…

  • Folders
  • Rules
  • Archive Folders
  • Mark as Important or Follow-Up
  • Disabling Notifications
  • Utilising Search Functionality


Email Management – Examining how implementing straightforward email strategies can save a considerable amount of time. The following sections offer specific actions for participants.

The One-Touch Approach – Exploring Respond, Delete, Archive, Delegate, and Defer tactics and how employing this method can greatly impact email processing, allowing you to take control instead of letting emails dictate your actions.

Excessively Checking Emails – Evaluating the consequences this habit may have on our daily routine by analysing two case studies.

Tidying Up – Identifying various emails that disrupt our day and discovering methods to minimise them.

Selecting the Appropriate Time – Viewing a video that highlights the importance of choosing an optimal moment to check emails.

Implementing Templates – Crafting standardised email templates to expedite responses to common workplace situations. An opportunity to develop a template for future use.

Email Usage Amongst Teams – Investigating prevalent issues encountered when utilising emails within teams. Several key aspects are covered, such as…

  • Conveying Clear Messages
  • Distribution Lists
  • Establishing clear guidelines for managing email threads, ensuring they remain professional and efficient.


  • Detailed learner guide
  • Refreshments (in-person event)
  • Certificate of completion

Experiential Learning

More than simple theory, our training programs incorporate practical learning activities, group discussions and trainer led feedback and guidance.

As part of your program

Also included is a digital learner guide, refreshments throughout the training, and a certificate of attendance emailed upon completion.

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