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Interpersonal Skills

Course Overview

  • Cost: $379.00
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Delivery Options: In-Person & Online

Introducing our Interpersonal Skills Training

This interpersonal skills course is designed to help individuals improve their communication and relationship building ability. Participants will learn techniques for active listening, conflict resolution, and building trust & rapport.

Our program also explores cultural differences and how they can impact everyday communication. This includes tips for addressing culturally sensitive topics with diplomacy and respect.

By understanding and appreciating these nuances, participants will gain valuable insights into navigating conversations with individuals from a range of backgrounds.

This is ideal training for anyone looking to improve their collaboration skills, and build stronger interpersonal relationships.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn techniques for active listening, conflict resolution, and building trust.
  • Practice expressing empathy and understanding in your interactions.
  • Explore cultural differences and their impact on communication.
  • Learn to address sensitive topics with diplomacy and respect.
  • Build stronger personal and professional relationships.
  • Enhance your overall effectiveness in communicating with others.


Attitude and Conduct – Examining how our attitude influences our behaviour and its effect on those around us.

Terminology Overview – Revisiting various communication terms, with a focus on Transactional Analysis.

Transactional Analysis – A Primer – Investigating scenarios to comprehend Transactional Analysis theory and its implications on communication.

Ego States Exploration – Sharing personal accounts of interactions and connecting these experiences to TA principles.

Transaction Types – Enhancing interpersonal abilities through better understanding these skills.

Language Patterns – Recognising how specific words can elicit positive or negative reactions from those we communicate with.

Rapport Development – Cultivating rapport to foster mutual understanding, bridge gaps, and influence others.

Kipling Questions – Communicating clearly in order for others to process information effectively and pinpoint specific details.

Strokes Recognition – Acknowledging the importance of nurturing relationships through positive ‘strokes’ in relation to Transactional Analysis.

Crucial Influencing Techniques – Identifying key components that aid in influencing others via communication while learning how to apply them effectively.

Principles of Persuasion – Delving deeper into the art of influencing others by utilising established methods and theories.


  • Detailed learner guide
  • Refreshments (in-person event)
  • Certificate of completion

Experiential Learning

More than simple theory, our training programs incorporate practical learning activities, group discussions and trainer led feedback and guidance.

As part of your program

Also included is a digital learner guide, refreshments throughout the training, and a certificate of attendance emailed upon completion.

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