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Making Sales by Phone

Course Overview

  • Cost: $379.00
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Delivery Options: In-Person & Online

Introducing our Course on Making Sales by Phone

Making successful sales calls is an efficient way to reach more customers and close more deals.

The telephone has become a critical tool in obtaining sales – especially with the WFH working arrangement.

This training is designed to equip attendees with the necessary skills to make effective sales by phone.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to organise your phone calls in a structured manner and adopt an effective sales development approach.
  • Utilise specific techniques to enhance communication over the phone, including effective questioning.
  • Begin to present your product or service to potential customers in a compelling manner that ignites their desire to purchase.
  • Skillfully handle objections, including navigating past gatekeepers.
  • Master the art of closing the sale by phone.


Pros and Cons – Examining how the phone can be beneficial and detrimental in a sales setting.

An Introduction to Telephone Sales – Grasping the essential aspects that persuade customers to buy from us.

Sales Call Structure and Process – Establishing a specific procedure for organising a sales call, with an opportunity to showcase comprehension.

Reasons for Purchasing – Exploring the rationale behind people’s buying choices.

The Buying Process – Delving into the emotional elements that influence people’s purchasing decisions.

Converting Incoming Calls into Sales – Assessing a caller’s level of interest to determine the probability of making a sale.

Executing Effective Outbound Calls – Implementing a systematic approach for maximising your advantage during these calls.

Bypassing the Gatekeeper – Recognising the gatekeeper’s role and developing strategies for managing them so as to reach the decision maker.

Intriguing, Right? – Investigating three crucial communication factors when conveying your voice over the telephone.

Ways to Enhance Your Vocal Quality – 10 vital tips for vocal improvement.

Telephone Enquiry Techniques – Allowing delegates to fully comprehend various questioning methods applicable during sales calls.

Features and Advantages – Practical application of these concepts in sales situations.

Rational and Emotional Buying – A closer examination of purchasing motivations.

Addressing Objections – Hands-on use of a structured process and approaches to apply it in the workplace.

Sealing the Deal – A straightforward methodology with an enjoyable opportunity to practise these skills.

Post-course Task – An approach for integrating learning into daily work activities, ensuring ongoing review.


  • Detailed learner guide
  • Refreshments (in-person event)
  • Certificate of completion

Experiential Learning

More than simple theory, our training programs incorporate practical learning activities, group discussions and trainer led feedback and guidance.

As part of your program

Also included is a digital learner guide, refreshments throughout the training, and a certificate of attendance emailed upon completion.

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