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Corporate Wellness

Course Overview

  • Cost: $379.00
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Delivery Options: In-Person & Online

Introducing our Corporate Wellness Course

This training is ideal for HR managers, wellness program coordinators, and any individual involved in promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Our Corporate Wellness course is designed to help organisations create a healthy and supportive work environment that fosters well-being for each employee.

Participants will learn about integrating wellness programs into the corporate culture that take into account the unique needs of employees.

With a focus on evidence based principles and practical application, attendees will develop the skills necessary to promote and maintain a healthy productive workforce.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the importance of integrating wellness programs into the corporate culture
  • Reduce stress in the workplace
  • Apply the six dimensions of wellness
  • Develop skills necessary to promote a healthy and productive workforce to
    increase overall business success


Introduction and Aims – Defining what is meant by workplace wellbeing.

Origins of Wellbeing – Tracing the history of wellbeing and its intriguing journey towards acceptance in the professional environment.

Significance of Workplace Wellbeing in Present Times – Recognising the importance of wellbeing at work and the potential advantages it can bring to both the individual and the organisation.

Consciousness of Thoughts – Recognising the influence of pessimistic thoughts and how they can be transformed by the self-awareness needed to turn them into realistic and optimistic thoughts.

Logical and Optimistic Thinking – Employing personal experiences to shift thinking and adapt situations that constrain behaviour, adopting a more logical and optimistic approach.

The Six Facets of Wellbeing – Delving into the concept of improving the six critical areas of wellbeing.

Establishing Personal Targets and Aims – Utilising the six facets of wellbeing (occupational, physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional) to assist in setting personal targets and enhance wellbeing.

Wellbeing Commences at Work – Determining why wellbeing originates at work and then progressing to formulate a hypothetical wellbeing program for the company.

Establishing Equilibrium between Work and Life – Investigating how to strike a healthy work-life balance and how evolving circumstances can affect priorities.

Wellbeing Action Strategies – Comprehending and formulating a wellbeing action strategy to proactively support wellbeing, reflect on personal situations and take practical measures to address wellbeing triggers.

Managerial Support for Wellbeing – Recognising the support that managers can and should offer to their team members to promote wellbeing in the workplace.



  • Detailed learner guide
  • Refreshments (in-person event)
  • Certificate of completion

Experiential Learning

More than simple theory, our training programs incorporate practical learning activities, group discussions and trainer led feedback and guidance.

As part of your program

Also included is a digital learner guide, refreshments throughout the training (in-person), and a certificate of attendance emailed upon completion.

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